IDENOR INGENIERIA S.R.L. is an Argentine company run by professionals specialized in water treatment.

Since 1980 our Engineering Division has designed, manufactured and installed an important number of water treatment plants in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

IDENOR has gained a leading position in local and international markets in the areas of membrane separation processes (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration) and ultra pure water production (design, manufacturing, installation and qualification of water treatment systems according to norms for different pharmacopoeias: United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP).

A team of professionals from our Technical Division is assigned to every project carried out by Idenor, and they invest their time and expertise in developing the system that best fits the needs of each customer. As an essential complement, we offer an agile and efficient after-sales service, as well as additional services such as: installation, start-up, customer training programs and process qualification.

Besides membrane systems, we supply a complete range of water treatment equipment, such as depth filters, activated carbon filters, ion exchange equipment (softeners, dealkalinizers, demineralizers), UV sterilizers, ozonators, bag filters, potable water production and water reclaiming systems.


IDENOR’s philosophy of work aims at the development of specific solutions that fit the needs of each client. We are not just a water treatment equipment manufacturer; we analyze each case and carry out technical and financial studies that enable us to find the best way to achieve the necessary goals with the highest efficiency.

With that criterion in our minds, the following steps are always carried out whenever we develop a project:

  • Analysis of customer’s problems.
  • Engineering project execution.
  • Construction of the chosen system.
  • Installation and start-up.
  • After-Sales support.

Once we agree with the client on the system that will best fit his needs and possibilities, we carry out the project, following all the guidelines established in this agreement. During this process, the customer gets the documentation related to the project, including operation manuals, maintenance manuals, material quality certifications, instruments calibration certifications, and any other document regarding the system validation.

Our After-Sales Service provides the technical support necessary to keep the installed systems working in perfect condition for an extended period of time.

Thus, IDENOR builds up a solid and serious relationship with customers, furnishing them with the best water treatment technology and professional know-how in order to ensure an outstanding level of service.