Our services

Pursuing a high level of excellence in water treatment technology, Idenor presents the following list of services:

  • After-Sales Technical Service:
    Idenor has a well-trained and organized technical team with ample experience in preventive and corrective maintenance of water treatment systems.
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  • Water Treatment Projects Development:
    Idenor’s Engineering Department has the necessary expertise to develop all kinds of projects that involve water treatment systems for industrial, commercial and residential uses.
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  • Water Treatment Systems Installation:
    Using both its own or contracted personnel, Idenor is capable of planning, supervising and executing installations of water treatment systems.
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  • Design and Installation of Pharmaceutical Compendial Water Distribution Systems:
    Design and Installation of Purified Water (PW) and Water For Injection (WFI) storage and distribution systems. This includes detailed engineering, installation using automatic orbital welding and boroscopic inspection.
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  • Boroscopic Welding Inspections:
    By means of the use of the latest generation boroscopes, which use fiber optics technology, Idenor can inspect welds complying with international procedures.
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  • Process Validation for the Pharmaceutical Industry:
    Idenor has a Quality Assurance Department specialized in water systems qualification (DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ).
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  • Process Automation:
    Idenor’s Automation Department has the necessary expertise to develop the automation of processes, both for our own equipment or for other systems not constructed by Idenor.
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  • On-Line Control of Water Treatment Systems:
    Taking advantage of the continuous technological advances in computer science and communications, Idenor offers on-line control of its equipment. This service allows the equipment control and real-time data trending analysis, without mattering where the equipment is located, so long as an internet connection is available. This service enhances even more the after-sales service provided by Idenor to its customers.
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  • Instrument Calibration:
    Idenor also provides, through specialized personnel, a calibration service for several instruments, such as flow meters, pressure gauges, conductivity monitors, pH monitors and ORP monitors. Traceable measurement standards are used, which allow calibrations “in situ” or at Idenor’s facilities. The Calibrations Department issues certificates that comply with international procedures and standards.
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  • Spare Parts:
    Idenor carries an extensive line of spare parts for all its equipment, which assures a quick and efficient after-sales service. +info